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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 23, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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been going on for more than an hour and a half, commute traffic starting early because of the weather. the problems started around noon today when the rains picked up. this driver had to be taken to the hospital. after fire crews extricated him from this truck. that wasn't the case at a similar accident that took place around the same time just a few miles north. the driver of this suv was lucky to walk away with just a few scratches. >> a lot of people will slow down in heavy downpour but they won't in light rain. and it can be just as dangerous. >> reporter: we caught a shot of a car stalled on interstate 80 as we approached the bay bridge from san francisco, one of several incidents as the rain picked up. >> it is still the first rainfall of the year, so there is a possibility there's some accumulation of oil and radiator fluid, things like that that might be on the road. it could contribute to slicker
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conditions. >> reporter: tonight, the chp is asking drivers to slow down, leave extra room between cars and be prepared to spend extra time in traffic. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. and here's a quick look now outside. this is from our traffic camera along 880 in oakland. traffic is moving a little slowly tonight but it is indeed moving. moving to the south, this is the 280 interchange in san jose. it looks like traffic is pretty light there. bill martin has been tracking this latest system for us, and bill, you said this rain may linger on into the evening? >> it's going to linger, heather. like we were talking about earlier, it hasn't rained in a few weeks and the roads get a little wet. this is not a big storm, but the roads get very slick. it draws the residues to the
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surface and you get slick roadways. the heaviest rain has been in the north bay. there's santa rosa right now. you can see the darker greens? obviously, that's the heavier rain, just north of napa. but basically the heavier rains are widely spread. we're seeing light, scattered sprinkles throughout the area. it's sort of the same light green. you just saw patti up there by berkeley. this is a light, low-grade rainfall that's going to continue as we go into the evening hours. there will be an opportunity -- i'll back it out a little bit -- for more heavy rain. you'll see some of the heavier rain. this is about two hours ago. see the yellows here? that was about 3:00. then the light stuff is in behind it. so roads are wet. here's the afternoon commute, definitely slow. we're talking about that. what's happening now are more showers and potentially more heavy showers moving in
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offshore. so we'll be tracking those for you. could have an impact on the morning commute. looks like we might see valley fog in the early morning hours. that could add some hassle to your commute as well. when i come back, we'll put it all together for you. we'll see you back here. >> and remember, you can get weather updates anytime on just click on the weather tab and view our live storm tracker 2 radar. developing news right now about oakland's decision to bring in celebrated and controversial former police chief bill bratton to help stem the tide of escalating violence. ken is live in detroit, where he tracked down bratton and talked with him about his new role in oakland. ken? >> reporter: this was a surprise to us. while working on a story about the troubles shared by both police departments in oakland and here in detroit, we found the man many are turning to to try to save both departments. bill bratton is here in detroit, and he met with us
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this afternoon to tell us he's looking forward to working with oakland police chief howard jordan. >> i've known him for a period of time. and he is very open to the idea of bringing in outside assistance. he is the first to admit he doesn't have all the answers. but he's always willing to learn and try new things. and i applaud him for that. >> reporter: bratton is widely respected as a reformer. he happened to be in detroit today to meet with the mayor and police brass here to try to help them turn around their troubled department. detroit and oakland police are both being monitored by federal authorities over allegations of widespread misconduct. bratton says, while the two cities are vastly different, there are some striking similarities in the problems they face. >> both have been going through significant reductions in the size of their police force. both are under the federal consent decrees, so they're
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focusing on their uses of force. >> reporter: bratton says he will be in oakland soon and his first order of business is to meet with political leaders, police brass and members of the community. live in detroit, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. a short time ago, oakland mayor jean quan and police chief howard jordan answered their critics to hire bratton. >> reporter: city officials wrapped up that news conference within the past hour. they talked about last night's big city koim vote supporting new ways to tackle the city's crime problems. the hottest topic? the now hired police consultant that you just heard from, from detroit, william bratton. oakland mayor jean quan and police chief jordan said this city needs help to quell the violence. >> the people and the city have made it clear that public
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safety is one of their no. 1 issues. >> reporter: and they say former top cop in l.a. and new york, william bratton, can bring his decades of expertise to oakland to support the effort. >> he really felt that the community has to be involved at every level of the planning, and the execution of crime fighting. this particular plan is not about bill bratton. >> reporter: but the protest is. >> please, god, don't do it for something that doesn't even work! >> reporter: all of this followed the contentious city council meeting that lasted until early this morning [ screaming and yelling ] >> reporter: today, opponents of william bratton and his more aggressive brand of policing -- >> these policies continue to be a hot-button issue. they continue to be something that oaklanders have come out and rejected, whether it be gang injunctions or curfews. >> reporter: city officials say bratton will start working on
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oakland's problems the middle of next month. coming up, you'll hear from the chp, which has been using stop and frisk tactics and does so on the streets of oakland as well. a police foot chase and struggle in san francisco ended with the arrest of a man suspected of credit card fraud. police say the man had been making fraudulent credit card purchases in the tenderloin district. officers were keeping an eye out for the man, and they happened to spot him today. police say the man ran into a restaurant and they say it took several officers to finally bring him into custody. officials in alameda are investigating the death of a n whose body was discovered this morning floating in san francisco bay. police say a person walking down a path at crown beach discovered the body at the south end of washington park. alameda fire crews pulled the body from the water.
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they say it appears to be that of an asian man, 20 to 30 years old, with no obvious signs of trauma. san francisco police say a suspicious package that prompted a bomb scare today was actually full of miscellaneous junk. nearby streets were shut down and a building next door was evacuated while the bomb squad examined the box. the box was declared safe about three and a half hours later. all streets and evacuated buildings are now back open. now to the major announcement today regarding the role of women in the u.s. military. in a ground-breaking move, the defense secretary lifted the ban on women serving in combat. rob roth is live in san francisco with just how soon those jobs could open up to women. >> reporter: many people see
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lifting the restriction as a victory in the fight for women's equality in the military. the groundbreaking decision overturns the 1994 pentagon rule that restricts women from combat roles. zoe is a retired naval commander who gained national headlines when she came out as a lesbian and successfully fought the military's effort to discharge her. >> we're treated as second- class citizens. >> reporter: last year, the aclu filed a lawsuit against the defense department challenging the policy that prohibited women from serving in ground combat. >> it's one of the last remaining ways in which the federal government officially discriminates against women just because they're women. >> reporter: there appears to be one loophole. the decision gives the military until 2016 to speak special exceptions if they believe any positions must remain closed to women.
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>> it doesn't mean that women have access to all the positions that were previously closed off. we'll have to think about what that means in terms of our lawsuits. >> reporter: some combat positions may open to women as soon as this year. others, such as navy seal's, may take longer. >> they said, well, this job requires a lot of street and women can't hack it. well, guess what? a lot of men can't hack it either. >> reporter: in reality, women have found themselves in combat in recent wars. as of last year, 130 women have died and more than 800 women wounded in iraq and afghanistan. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. meantime, president obama's nominee to be the next secretary of defense met today at the white house with the leaders of several influential american jewish groups. several have criticized chuck
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haigle's last statements and what haigle referred to as the jewish lobby. a statement from the jewish leaders called it, quote, an important opportunity for a serious and thorough discussion. a double shooting in el cerrito forced schools to lock down this afternoon. two victims were rushed to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. claremont elementary school ander ser and el cerrito high school were briefly placed in lockdown. so far, no arrests have been made. hillary clinton faces tough questions about the deadly attack in benghazi. plus, live storm tracker 2. you can see there is still a lot of green out there.
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outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton delivered an emotional and at times fiery testimony today about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> reporter: heather, that all- day grilling of outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton on capitol hill was emotionally charged. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrew's. >> reporter: one of those four coffins carried the body of bay area's ambassador chris stevens. how could it happen, senators kept asking. clinton said multiple requests for adequate security never
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reached her desk. >> had i been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, from ambassador stevens, i would have relieved you of your post. i think it's inexcusable. >> reporter: another republican senator kept asking why it took so long to interview benghazi survivors. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk decided they would go kill some americans? what difference at this point does it make? >> reporter: and why did u.n. ambassador susan rice and not clinton publicly speak for the administration? she said it's not her favorite thing to appear on sunday talk shows. >> the answers, frankly, you have given this morning are not satisfactory to me. >> you've always spoken out forcefully. >> reporter: now, when i interviewed ambassador stevens' mother in her oakland home just two weeks after her son's death, she said she did not
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blame secretary clinton for what happened. today stevens' stepfather graciously turned down my request for comment. in an e-mail, he said, we are not qualified to evaluate what has been done. every new news report, every renewal of the discussion, hurts. reporting live, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. authorities in the south bay are searching for thieves who apparently have educated pallets. they made off with some expensive wines. the owner discovered the theft and a broken window when he arrived at work monday morning. sheriff's investigators say the missing wine is worth thousands of dollars. and people in saratoga were surprised by what happened. >> everyone enjoys the village and nobody has feelings about being threatened or safety or anything like that. i suppose, if there's a crime in saratoga, it would probably be something like wine or
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jewelry. >> it's a beautiful community. pretty shocking. >> a wine list on the restaurant's website lists some bottles priced at several thousand dollars and a few that even go for five figures. we have an update about a home invasion robbery in san jose. police have now recovered the two vehicles stolen during that robbery. sheriff's officials pulled the toyota highlander out of the reservoir today. just last night, the chp found a toyota camry abandoned near gilroy. those cars were stolen monday night from a home. police say several armed men burst in, tied up two people, and made off with jewelry and the cars. no suspects have been arrested. police in san francisco have arrested a man they say robbed at least six banks over a year-long period. investigators say this is a picture of shawn laughlin, caught by a surveillance camera during one of those robberies. they say he committed two robberies in january of last
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year and four more just in december, and that in each case, he handed the teller a note demanding money and took off with the cash. they are still investigating to see if he might be tied with other bank robberies. the town of los gatos plans to investigate love locks. couples typically write messages of commitment on the locks and then throw away the key. they plan to remove the locks on february 1 and throw away any locks that aren't claimed by february 15. this was ed robert's day. governor brown issued a proclamation honoring ed roberts, who was born on this day in 1939. roberts was paralyzed at the age of 14 but he overcame that
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challenge to become the first severely disabled student to attend uc berkeley. he also fought for disability rights. he headed the department of rehabilitation. ed roberts died in 1995. in a report card published today, san francisco got an a minus for spending transparency. san francisco was listed only behind new york and chicago as one of three u.s. cities with a score of 90 or above. the report reviews the way that the nation's largest cities offer information to the public about budgets and other money matters. the board of supervisors says the city appreciates the recognition. we're looking at more showers at there but nothing real heavy. it's been sort of light. and that's how it continues. low-grade showers, not enough
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to cause you concerns for flooding but not to slick up those roadways and mess up the afternoon commute. if you've been looking at the satellite, you can see all this moisture coming from the south. that's the subtropical air mass. temperatures the next couple of days are going to be on the mild side. look at the back edge right there. that's the edge of it. the system is working its way through right now. we're seeing scattered showers all over the place. as we head to the santa clara valley, we'll come in close. this is wind chill wipers on intermittent at base. the story here, as it's hitting on the afternoon commute, as we pointed out earlier, that always gums things up. it's just the way it is out here and the bay area gets wet and things slow down. so here are the showers in the forecast. 8:00, more widespread showers. so that's what we'd expect. none of this looks heavy.
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rainfall accumulations thus far from this thing, 8/100 of an inch, so it's really been light. it's more nuisance showers than anything. 11:00, there's the back edge. 2 a.m., you can see the showers starting to die down a little more. this is just going to be a slow erosion of the showers as we go into the overnight hours. tonight, what i'm looking for is those showers to continue. the afternoon commute stays wet obviously. but i think in the morning, valley fog becomes an issue. ground is wet. moisture content is high. temperatures drop and we get fog. extended forecast, we day in a slightly unsettled pattern into the weekend. right now it looks like nothing for the weekend in terms of rain, but i'll keep my eye on that. the forecast lows, much warmer than they have been. the last week or two, we had 20's, 30's. not happening. these temperatures are in the 40's. so as your heading off to
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school or work, warmer tomorrow. railways are wet. maybe some valley fog. i'm going to track these showers a little longer. as we go into the next weather cast, we're gonna take the long- range model and run it into your bay area weekend. well, it is the tail of the tape. when it comes to foot-long subs. the photo that set off a scandal at subway and the new legal twist tonight. immigration reform is back on center stage. but we'll show you why advocates are concerned about it. new at 6, controversial for his policies an his paycheck. >> i'm really excited about the opportunity to work in oakland. >> what this former police chief is saying about his first steps to curb crime. two people robbed at gun point in palo alto. we'll have the latest on what police are doing to combat the
5:23 pm
crime. a startling increase in a deadly disease among people of color. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6.
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immigration reform is in the spotlight now that president obama has publicly made it a priority. he is expected to promote legislation in the coming weeks. ktvu's robert handa is in san jose tonight. >> reporter: it was a typically busy day of immigration processing here at the department of homeland security. but after what the president has said about immigration reform, a lot of people are expecting it to get much busier. caesar juarez is an immigration attorney who helps undocumented families. he is also technically undocumented, having entered the u.s. as a child on a visa that expired years ago. juarez is also a community activist. after many ups and downs,
5:26 pm
including the legislative defeat of the dream act, juarez says president obama's renewed call is a relief. >> at least my experience is, one that lives in fear but moves on, because that's what humanity is. we move on to create a better situation for our families. >> reporter: immigration attorney richard hobbs is confident legislation will be proposed within two weeks but worries a political fight will create major obstacles on any paths to citizenship and permanent residence. >> fees that are too high, for example, or an onerous english requirement that would be difficult for certain elderly immigrants, et cetera. >> reporter: juarez agrees. >> is it going to create a program that creates second- class citizens or a workforce -- is it going to be an
5:27 pm
immigration reform that recognizes family unity, that recognizes the human rights of all people? >> reporter: and coming up at 6, how immigration reform could september silicon valley but possibly at the expense of other residents. new information today about the pittsburg man suspected of a double shooting that killed a high school student on monday. investigators are telling us they arrested this man, 23-year- old julius short at his home in pittsburg. investigators say short killed 16-year-old steven rosalez after getting in a fight with rosalez and his friend earlier in the day. that subway scandal is really heating up tonight with the sandwich giant now facing a lawsuit. two new jersey men have sued subway, claiming that the chain's foot-long subs, well, they fall short of a foot. the men say foot-long
5:28 pm
sandwiches from 17 subway shops all measured less than 12 inches. subway has taken an awful lot of heat ever since an australian man posted a picture showing the foot-long sub measuring 11 inches. potential stock market investors remain skeptical. still ahead. a gallery owner may be in hot water after torching an art display. we speak exclusively with the artist herself.
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o?oowq complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5. when it comes to the stock
5:31 pm
market, high-tech stocks are knocking it out of the ballpark. but as one silicon valley giant learned today, it can be a very wild ride. apple stock rode a roller coaster today. despite news of huge sales, after the market closed, investors hammered the stocks for low returns. the stock lost 10% of its value, as investors worry about the company's ability to keep it's momentum. >> reporter: you know, despite what many investors actually would say are sparkling numbers, big investors are demanding more from apple and all other companies, not only for themselves but for your retirement account. stocks are turning in better than expected earnings. >> imb knocked it out of the
5:32 pm
park, mcdonald's knocked it out of the park. >> reporter: but christina and many other retirement account holders still don't see economic sunshine ahead. >> i'll believe it when i see it. i don't think that the stock market is an indicator of how our economy is doing. >> tech is one of our great strengths of our economy. that sector, money is flowing into it, because there's so much potential and there's so much opportunity for growth there. >> reporter: more good news. a looming shutdown of the government over the debt ceiling is off the table for now. the international monetary fund expects good economic growth worldwide. u.s. agriculture is doing very well. plus, yet another critical mega trend. >> the housing sector has been doing well with people moving out and establishing their own households. >> reporter: more and more investors are moving out of lower-paying but more secure
5:33 pm
investments. >> you had a mad race out of equities in 2007, 2008, 2009, and now here at the end of 2012, 2013, you're seeing a great rotation back into equities, because there's a better rate of return. >> reporter: but more convincing lays ahead. >> i still say that the economy is still pretty dismal. >> reporter: also, in after- hours trading, netflix was up over 30%, after a suspected loss actually turned out to be a profit. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. on wall street today, strong earnings from google. the house of representatives today passed a measure that temporarily averts a crisis over the nation's debt limit. on a bipartisan vote, the measure allows the government to borrow enough money to pay its bills for four more months.
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otherwise, it would have been in danger of runng out of money next month. the move, though, sets up a fight in the spring over taxes, spending and the deficit. it appears california will finish the month with a bump in tax revenue. according to the legislative analyst's office, the state is expected to end january $4 billion ahead of projections. the state also set a record on january 16 when the franchise tax board received $2.2 billion in taxes. experts say the excess money may be the result of a combination of state and federal tax changes. government figures released today indicate that union membership in the united states is at its lowest level since the 1930's. the bureau of labor statistics says union labor declined. it's a drop of about 400,000 workers. the losses were spread across both the government and private sectors. a state appeals court has
5:35 pm
upheld the right of a san jose car dealer to share its tips with other employees. in a unanimous decision, judges from the sixth district court of appeals said they could find nothing in the law that made the practice illegal. it is common in the restaurant business for waiters and waitresses to have to share tips with busboys and bartenders. the website has declared a holy war on sunday parking tickets. a watch dog group is trying to get the word out that if you get one of those tickets, you can fight it free on its website. the point is to make the process more costly for the city. new york city tried picketing on sunday tickets three years ago, and they finally ended up getting rid of that.
5:36 pm
an unusual story from san francisco. the owner of an art gallery deliberately set a work of art on fire. >> reporter: 25,000 matchsticks artistically arranged to look like a map of the united states. it was created by claire fontaine as part of an interactive art exhibit at the queens nail annex. >> fire is a very dangerous and noble work. to come here and see that people are playing with fire, the firemen don't like it. >> reporter: extinguishers were on hand and no one was on the top floor, but at 10:00 last night, fire officials say things got out of control. >> i saw two or three big fire trucks, and we thought, what's going on? it's a gallery. what could be in there that could be burning? >> reporter: now the gallery owner may be in hot water since he set the exhibit on fire. >> it wasn't malicious.
5:37 pm
it was just basically out of ignorance. >> reporter: this is a youtube video of the artist. she creates art out of matches. then, as part of the exhibit, the works are lit on fire. >> we go as far as, if you're even going to heat it up as a caterer, you need a permit for it. >> maybe there was a way to do it less destructively but still make its point. >> reporter: fire officials say there's $5,000 worth of damage. while the gallery owner didn't think he was doing anything illegal and no one was hurt, it was irresponsible. he could face charges of reckless arson. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. right now we have some breaking news from near downtown oakland. what you are looking at are live pictures from the roof camera on our television station, shooting into downtown oakland. that is a fire. the freeway that you see there,
5:38 pm
that is 880. in the background it's downtown oakland. we're working to get more information on this fire. but, again, it is very close to the freeway. that may be impacting traffic on the freeway. also, some of the streets in downtown oakland presumably going to be closed as a result of this fire as firefighters arrive on the scene. we've also sent our reporter christian to the seen. again, the headline at this hour, you're looking at it live from the roof cam on top of our station, a two-alarm fire burning at 6th and harrison right on the outskirts of downtown oakland. ucsf marked ten years of bioscience research in san francisco's mission bay. officials gave tours of the labs and other facilities that have been built there over the past decade. mayor lee joined former
5:39 pm
governor gray davis on the stage. some have caused mission bay the silicon valley of bioscience. >> this research is transforming how we train the future leaders in health. around us is a growing community of venture capitol firms and bioscience companies that either spun out of ucsf or chose to locate here to collaborate with us. >> they are building a new state of the art hospital in mission bay scheduled to open two years from now. more live coverage of that fire in oakland when we come back. also, surrounded by water but burning out of control. the fast-moving fire that spread across water. plus, what stanford scientists say they have just developed in the battle against hiv and aids. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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fire crews in miami struggle to put out flames on two boats this afternoon at a downtown marina. one boat caught fire and authorities say that sparked a fire on another nearby boat. no word yet on what caused either of those fires. the toyota prius hybrid is the car californians prefer. it was the best-selling car in the state.
5:43 pm
consumer reports says the hybrid's appeal is that it offers a good deal and is cheap to operate. transportation safety officials say there is still no explanation for safety problems on boeing's dreamliner. they can't say when the dreamliner will be clear to fly again. the dreamliners have all been grounded because of batteries' overheating. there was unofficial word today that the dreamliner will not be grounded for long. in an exclusive interview with our washington, d.c. bureau, boeing and the faa say a fix is, quote, imminent. >> it's not a matter of can it fly, can it not fly. seems to be a matter of this one system, an important system, but just one system in a plane with many systems in it. >> larsen is the top democrat on the house aviation committee. we also learned that a senate panel will hold a hearing on
5:44 pm
the dreamliner but no date has been set yet for that hearing. an air force general had a lot of explaining to do in washington, d.c., today. the tough questions he faced and why he says what happened is horrible. and tracking some showers out there right now, messing with the afternoon commute, how long do the showers stick around, and do they return for the weekend? all those details, coming up. and we continue to follow that breaking news happening right now in oakland. you are looking live at a two- alarm fire near downtown. this is happening not far from interstate 880. new at 6, controversial for his policies and his paycheck. >> i'm really excited about the opportunity to work in oakland. >> what this former police chief is saying about his first steps to curb crime. then -- >> two people
5:45 pm
robbed at gunpoint in palo alto. plus, a startling increase of a deadly disease among people of color. what doctors say people are doing wrong. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6.
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
san mateo congresswoman questioned top air force leaders about a military sex scandal. the blunt words speer had for the brass and what the congresswoman is doing to stop sexual assaults in the armed forces. >> reporter: the u.s. armed forces is dealing with a major black eye. nearly 800 sexual assaults reported at lackland air force base near san antonio. most committed by training instructors. >> they directed these trainees to go to supply closets and to the laundry room, where they were then raped. >> reporter: paula coughlin was assaulted 21 years ago while serving in the navy.
5:48 pm
she's now with this group. >> we can't accept this. it's horrible. we all know that. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speer is introducing a bill, saying instructors who have even consensual sex with a trainee get kicked out of the military. >> we have two instructors that admitted to having had sex with train of their trainees each. and these instructors were married. >> an individual serving as a military training instructor, who has a relationship like this with a trainee, has no place in our air force. >> reporter: military leaders say they're already implementing new guidelines. >> we are well on our way toward, but i'm not in in way ready to declare victory. >> reporter: having more women as trainers is looking air force officials are looking into. scientists at stanford have
5:49 pm
developed a groundbreaking treatment in the battle against hiv and aids. they say they have developed a way to genetically engineer certain immune cells to make them resistant to hiv. they say if this treatment is successful, treatment could change significantly. the family of the late junior seau is suing the nfl over the former linebacker's suicide. seau's family claims his suicide was the result of brain disease caused by all the violent hits he suffered while playing football. their wrongful death lawsuit claims that the nfl deliberately hid the dangers of repetitive blows to the head. seau shot himself last may. he was diagnosed with traumatic brain disease following his suicide. the san francisco 49ers say their new santa clara stadium will make as much energy as it uses on game days. once the team starts playing
5:50 pm
there. the niners announced the deal to install several solar panels in the stadium. well, politicians know very well pleasing constituents always comes first. maybe that's why baltimore-born pelosi is backing the 49ers and not the ravens. pelosi said growing up, she was a ravens' fan, but her constituency is san francisco. pelosi puts it this way, i'm rooting for the 49ers. i'm not rooting against baltimore. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage leading up to super bowl xlvii. we are following the team as they prepare for the game in new orleans. we're also sending crews to the big easy. plus, you will find updates on some dangerously low temperatures are hitting the
5:51 pm
northern central and northeast states. an arctic air mass is hovering over the region for a fourth day and the forecast says the big chill will continue right on into the weekend. one woman in minnesota suffered frostbite on her toes after running out of gas on the highway. >> an hour before we got here, i just started crying. i couldn't bend my toes. >> this wind is incredible. we just layered up. we're trying our best to stay warm. >> the national weather service has issued wind chill warnings in several areas. the wind chill will drive temperatures in many places to sub zero levels. none of that extreme cold here, just rain out there right now. let's check in with bill martin. bill, just kind of a night event? >> yes. i think it's right on the afternoon commute. i think that's the headline. the rain accumulations are light, but it's wet and it's in the afternoon commute. christian was out on the
5:52 pm
roadway. it's slow out there and showers will continue into the evening hours. we've got a few more hours of showers moving through. you can see, as you look here, most of the shower activity is very light. a little bit heavier towards vallejo and fairfield. but for the most part, i think it's sort of a low-grade -- i hate to say nuisance shower, because we need it, but it's been around a tenth of an inch. winterer storms, you like to see a half on inch, or a quarter of an inch if we're lucky. tomorrow morning, i think we'll see valley fog. valley fog sticks its ugly head out there, so be ready for that. tonight, lingering showers. the valley fog starts up as this system slides through. on the 10:00 broadcast, we'll give you the latest model run on what's coming up.
5:53 pm
but right now i anticipate the system being sort of to the south and east of us. thursday, there might be a lingering chance of a sprinkle but clearing. there will be clouds in the area and the grounds will be wet. just a real kind of quick- moving weather system, if you will. 10:00 tonight, that's the computer model. you kind of see it's winding down. thursday morning, now thursday afternoon. a little bit of clearing. friday morning. a little bit of clearing, a little bit of shower activity towards hamilton. then friday afternoon. you see we're kind of wedged between two very weak systems. as we roll into friday, saturday morning, you see a little chance of a sprinkle there. so when you look at the five- day, you're going to see a chance of a sprinkle on saturday. you can see chance of sprinkle on sunday as well. all this could change rapidly. the forecast highs for tomorrow, kind of mild, because this is kind of a mid-latitude system, if you will.
5:54 pm
temperatures are in the 60's tomorrow. it's going to be a nice day tomorrow afternoon. partly cloudy, partly sunny. chance of sprinkles on the weekend. back here at 6:00, we'll have the latest computer model update, because i think these are going to change. the weekend storm is either going to go away completely or enhance. i'll be tracking that. well, the plan to move the sacramento kings to seattle may not be a slam dunk after all. coming up in just three minutes, the big napes who may be putting up big money to keep the kings playing in the state capitol.
5:55 pm
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the number of people who watched president obama's inauguration on tv was a little more than half the size of the tv audience from his first inauguration. nielsen says an estimated 20 million people watched on monday. four years ago, though, nearly 38 million tuned in. there are new developments tonight in the fight to keep the kings basketball team in sacramento. the sacramento bee is reporting that billionaire ron berkle and 24-hour fitness founder mostrof are in discussion to keep the kings. they would not confirm berkle's interest but they say the seattle move is not a slam
5:58 pm
dunk. >> the deepest pockets don't necessarily end up as the winning bidder. it's really worrying about what we need to do here in sacramento and that's really our commitment. >> they said any deal would include plans to building a sacramento sports arena downtown. we are continuing to follow that breaking news in oakland. a fire burning out of control right next to interstate 880. we have a crew a couple of blocks away and we'll update you in just two minutes. and just an hour ago, palo alto police released this sketch of the man they say threatened a couple with a gun and then robbed them. new at 6, the steps police are taking to try to stem the growing tide of violence in that city.
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